Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't Forget

I was a wonderful day by myself today until I thought back on it and realized I was feeling lonely and left out. Well, I was not actually feeling this way until I noticed I should. I was working in the basement and I heard all of my roommates laughing and having fun together above me. It was fine until it occurred to me that I had to stay down in the basement now, since I thought they might feel awkward for having fun and not inviting me if perchance I walked past and they realized I was there too. And then I remembered that when I called my mom, my brother and his girlfriend were laughing and having fun together in the background because they were all hanging out. And then I also remembered that Matthias and Leonard and Trevor are laughing and having fun in Berlin together right now. So I thought I'd continue remembering. I remembered when I went to Sweden with Leonard and Joe to escape the hot, sticky German summer and I ate a brownie from 7-11 in the rain wearing a self-made velour minidress in a color that looks terrible on me, because the Swedish 7-11 brownies are actually very delicious, and Leonard and Joe and I laughed and had fun together.
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