Thursday, October 29, 2009

And speaking of animal playthings...

I seem to have a certain weakness for pupppets and cute animated creatures. I'm exactly sure why, but they entertain me to no end. Anthropomorphizing is one of my favorite pastimes. My mom apparently shares this joy, which I discovered when we visited a puppet theater to amuse ourselves during a vacation in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. I translated when necessary, but we both seemed to enjoy this activity equally regardless of German understanding level. Come to think of it, my brother is also amused by animals doing strange human-like maybe it's hereditary.

Anyway, I had to watch this several times to catch all the lovely details and you should too. It was made by Hine Mizushima and was third runner up in a contest to make a short animated video promoting Etsy and handmade goods. I LOVE HIS LITTLE SQUID FEET! Hahahaha. Really, it makes me giggle. Look at the way he's rolling the fluff!

Shield your eyes, children.

As Halloween rapidly approaches, you can imagine who friends and foes alike are turning to for their zany custom ideas and alterations. Sexy gladiator princess dress needs to be sexier? Jean-Luc Picard uniform a little baggy in the armpits? Sure. I'll fix it.

So, my brother calls me up and says "Hey, I just found a giant stuffed bear at the second hand and I want to wear it for my Halloween costume. Can you help me?" Uhhhh, sure. Here's how far along we are at this current point in time...

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hahaha! SO CUTE! I couldn't help but share this with you, this girl has a few very special Halloween dresses in her shop...look, it even has the screw like an actual gun! Love it. I'm not sure if this one's available anymore, but check her shop to see what she comes up with next...

Nicole Lindner

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sometimes I just wonder...

who decides that I get to sit around in my free time watching internet TV in my bed while other humans are standing in line for rice in refugee camps, or flying business class to Singapore, or walking their dog? It's tempting to just say "you decide that, Caitlin" and that's true. But that's not the whole story. It's just...sometimes I wonder about the strange circumstances we are born into and all the other curious things that are simultaneously occurring around the globe. For example, how did I get the "growing up in suburban Portland liking computer games, fantasy novels and playing foursquare card?" And not the "tending sheep in Mongolia riding horses around the Steppe and living in Yurts card?" I don't know, there are many things you can control about your life. The ones you don't, like out of whose womb you burst and where, simultaneously baffle and fascinate me. I mean, no one has any control over being CREATED. Someone else decides that for you. That you will exist. Isn't that...weird?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nothing much is new except...

...fall is here and it's cold. And exquisitely beautiful. I just can't believe it. Some earlier works coming your way in the shop soon. Watch out for deals :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

She's Your Present

Okay it's official. I love this girl. I have to admit, I'm not a cutesy ribbons and bows and kitties type of person, but every once in a while she comes up with something that either makes me giggle or secretly covet (one was a baby blue dress with a Collie portrait heart applique, another was a frothy little peach dress tucked away somewhere in my favorites). Plus, she sticks to her pastel crop top ruffled eighties guns. So I check back every now and then. And today, here's what I got. Pumpkin playsuit. YES!

Caitlin's Infalliable Formula for Success in a New City

#1. Move there for no good reason beyond "it feels right"*

#2. Find a cozy room to inhabit considering you will be spending the majority of your time there at first. TIP: Your roommates might be the only other human beings you see or talk to on a regular basis for a month or more. Choose wisely.

#3. Catch up on any and all DVD compilations of television series' or movies you've always wanted to watch. To really get the most out of this, pair viewing with bed-appropriate snacks such as Erdnussflips and a jar of Nutella in Berlin or single serving nacho plate with sour cream dip in Portland.**

#4. Wander aimlessly during the daytime wearing killer outfits and acting purposeful. A good time to ride public transportation and/or scout establishments you will possibly frequent when you make a friend.

#5. Apply relentlessly for internships and jobs. Pressure someone into hiring you.***

#6. Wait patiently until dormant social anxiety seasons your personality with that fine ambiguity between "fascinatingly quirky" and "mentally ill."

#7. HIT THE BARS!****Or do modular Hitleresque dance moves at appropriate dance venues with conviction until someone joins you.

#8. Slog away at job/internship/second job/freelance project gaining confidence and skills until indescribably attractive male inevitably shows up stubbornly insisting on cooking for you and stewarding your emotional development in a positive direction. All of a sudden breakfast is being made for you and sweatpants adorn your lower half...

#9: Repeat step #3 with possible snack compromise to accommodate extraordinarily attractive male.

*no more than two weeks notice is necessary
**substitute Tillamook Ice Cream (any non-fruit variety) with toppings for sugar moods
***most commonly spoken language of country fluency (or near fluency) highly recommended
****more successful in some cities than in others

Sure, sure, but it's not like I'm going to give up.

My humble apologies dear readers (or shall I refer to you henceforth as viewers?) Certainly this post will differentiate. My computer has been rather ill as of late, and I finally sucked it up and made an online appointment with the Genius Bar. Following three hours of surgery, my MacBook Pro emerged with a severe case of amnesia. Everything on my hard drive, BYE BYE! But you know what my attitude was about that? Let me sum it up for you by replaying the conversation between myself and a friendly Apple store employee:

"Welp, we might have to try wiping it clean. Is there anything you need on there?"

Anyway, a peripheral result of this ordeal was that I realized I can no longer rely on my good looks and uncanny intuition regarding bedsheet redesign to entertain you. So I started writing.
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