Thursday, August 27, 2009

Werkin, werkin...

After three solid weeks of teaching summer camps for kids, I was pretty stoked to have the following Monday off. HAHAHAHA children! Teach yourselves things today! (Although you guys can see some things they learned during Eco-Fashion Camp week on HasBeen Design's Blog and Jewels and Gems) But then it set in that....I have the next two weeks off. I will certainly need this time to follow Hannah's wedding dress along at an exponentially quicker pace (it's taking shape, yay!) There are also some things I need to prepare for, such as teaching German to middle schoolers, but other than that, the time is MINE! Muahahaha. It does feel a bit strange though to go from working full time with a fairly normal schedule (French full time: 35 hours a week) to having...two weeks off. Back to the basement for me! (Which means more dresses for you...) YARR.

P.S. Don't let my expression confuse you. I'm not sad. I'm just trying to concentrate on dressmaking and future plans instead of Edward Cullen and Bill Compton.


LAUREN O said...

bill compton, fine. eric northman, yes please! can't get enough of that tall swedish drink of water.

hope all is well with you... your garments are beautiful!

with love, l o'donnell

Caitlin said...

True dat, you've got me there. Especially wearing weird warm up pants with blood and foil in his know what I'm talking about.

How pleasant to see you once again in the great internet beyond! I like your blog.

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