Monday, August 9, 2010

Musical Monday #4: The Hazards of Love

Yes. As you will notice for this musical Monday, I am recommending an album. The Decemberists are fine, sure. I like them. But I really like the new album, the Hazards of Love. The whole rock opera premise resulted in piece that reminds me of the Umbrellas of Cherbourg sans visuals, but in a dark and twisted Portland indie manner. Ambitious? A bit. But it works. It works well.


Rachel Wrong said...

Oh no you did not. I recently started listening to this album (it isn't even that new! They played it at Sasquatch last year.) and I was going to post about how great it is. What's your exposure story?

Caitlin said...

Oh, I did. My mom bought it because she liked the Crane Wife and someone in her friend circle's daughter is in the band. She didn't get into this one and asked me and my brother if we wanted it. So I gave it a try, remembering some show a while back mentioning the rock opera aspect on OPB and hoping this was the one they'd been talking about. Low and behold, yes. What made you revisit it after a one-year-ago Sasquatch?

Rachel Wrong said...

I went camping with Liz and Jesse and my brother two weekends ago, and they played it in the car on the way. It was magical for a car ride in the mountains. I'm totally a sucker for concept albums.

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