Wednesday, August 18, 2010

May 15th: So...I guess I'll...go back to Portland now?

After two solid weeks of alternating action and lounging amongst the Dutch, it was time for me to return to my other life across the sea. It was sort of a pity that I didn't actually try the Hagelschlag (toast sprinkles) until the last few days. Actually, that was probably a good idea since the rest of the time my diet staples were french fries with mayonnaise, breadrolls with butter cheese and tomato, and stroopwaffel. Bottom line is that they're good. It's a great idea. And they taste best on cheap white bread rolls.

They were so delicious on warm buttered rolls, in fact, that Matthias and I decided this must be the main reason Dutch children have such happy childhoods. Toast with sprinkles comprise an acceptable breakfast food. I packed a couple rolls full for the plane, bought a bunch as gifts, and geared up for the flight. I told Matthias I didn't think I could do this again, and he said next time you'll have to marry me, and we both knew neither one was joking. As I rode westward over fertile green fields, a smoking volcano, icy expanses becoming ever less icier and approached the fertile green forests on the other side, I truly had no idea what the future held. At least I had a purse full of toast sprinkles.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

May 14th: So...where do we go from here?

Yes, it was nearly three months ago today, but I have yet two days to finish up my enthralling day by day account of the trip to Holland in May.

Although our teeny tiny private ferry did not offer return services on the day we required, we managed to book a giant ferry to a different city on the mainland, no problem. It didn't leave until 4:45 or so, therefore we had a full day of enjoyment on Vlieland before us.

Sure, things were a little weird. They always are when you get to the end of a romantic vacation and it turns out to be the most romantic part camping amid Dutch family bliss and you both live in different countries and will now return to your old lives and so forth. Also, neither of us big whiteys anticipated the following: sun. So neither of us thought to bring something like, I don't know, sunscreen. Don't let Matthias' emo face in front of the lighthouse fool you. We managed to have an excellent day despite this oversight. I must say though, after a day of hiking, beach and deep conversation, we were both a bit worn out when we finally boarded the ferry. Fortunately, Matthias knew exactly how to solve this problem. Ice cream cones and cola. One in each hand. For both of us. Dutch children nudged their parents. Stalwart Dutch parents ignored their children. (Or politely denied them) Matthias and I gloriously sipped our tiny colas and demolished the Cornettos with style. Being an adult is awesome. Plus, we had like a five hour bus/train ride back to Amsterdam ahead of us.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Musical Monday #4: The Hazards of Love

Yes. As you will notice for this musical Monday, I am recommending an album. The Decemberists are fine, sure. I like them. But I really like the new album, the Hazards of Love. The whole rock opera premise resulted in piece that reminds me of the Umbrellas of Cherbourg sans visuals, but in a dark and twisted Portland indie manner. Ambitious? A bit. But it works. It works well.

What I've always wanted and more...

...slim fitting a-line dress with 3/4 puff sleeves! Something about this photo totally does it for me. Anyway, I'm excited about the final drafting of this new pattern (it's been in progress for a bit). They'll be popping up in the shop this week.

Monday, August 2, 2010


A whole slew of new cupcake skirts in the shop today...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The future is now.

I recently finished a three part series of intensive patternmaking courses at Portland Sewing (one of the many excuses for being a bit blog lazy). Here, however, is one of the results! Patternmaking III was some more advanced technique, but mostly we each were guided through the process of designing a garment from beginning to end. My mom wanted a dress for a family friend's wedding and was inspired by Victoria Beckham's designs (most notably, the one Courtney Cox is wearing on the August cover of InStyle magazine.) So we figured it out, I drafted the pattern, fitted the muslins, and whipped up this! It was nice to try something I wouldn't normally dream up myself. My mom was even cool enough to go for a casual but elegant organic cotton/nylon blend and rock the exposed zipper with her Betsey Johnson bracelet :) All I have to say is that princess seam side panels are a total pain, but they look rad. Thanks for putting in all that fit model time mom!

Patternmaking really was INTENSE, but I learned so much. I can't wait to post the next dress design I've been working on for the shop...
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