Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little lagomorph love (April 12th is bunny day)

Yep. About this time one year ago, Clyde Drexler arrived. At our house/in my life, whatever. There had been signs she would be coming (pressure from Shola to get a pet, me secretly researching bunnies online to determine if this was the right animal, seeing them at the Humane Society and wanting to snatch one right out of its cage...) so when roommate Josh announced out of the blue that his friend's bunny would be moving to our place for good, I knew that was it. What I hadn't anticipated, was what intelligent, adorable, entertaining and sweet pets rabbits can be. Or how attached I would become.

When I moved to the Netherlands last year, taking her with turned out to be an option. At the time I seriously considered but ended up opting out due to costs. Now? Wouldn't think twice.

Clyde, thanks for making me laugh every day, listening to my problems, making sure I get out of bed when my alarm goes off, keeping an eye on things while I nap, always peeing in your litter box (now), eating your veggies, indulging my neverending desire to squeeze your furry little face, forgiving me for constantly putting medicine all over you last month and being wonderfully cooperative...as long as there are raisins involved. You're really the best.

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