Thursday, June 23, 2011

Against the grain (Thursdays are for thinking)

Everything I read about rabbits tells me "they like little hidey-holes," and "make sure you provide a space for your bunny to get away from it all," and "make sure you cover up their carrier when you take them places so they don't get nervous from unfamiliar sights," and how on edge they get when there's too much going on. When I'm sewing in the afternoons, I leave the front door open with a baby gate so Clyde can't escape. What's her new favorite activity? Watching the world go by and observing the neighbors bbq in their front yard. She turns her head as cars go by, following them. Perks her ears forward at unfamiliar sounds. Never flinches. Stares down the cilantro planter. Telescopes upward to try and peek over the top. I guess it's no surprise that a bunny willing to explore a heating duct and that survived being stuck in furnace has an insatiable curiosity. What blows me away more is that a near death experience has not deterred this thing from exploration. She just wants more.

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