Saturday, September 20, 2008

History Part Deux

When this whole sheet-dress business began in our Berliner apartment, I distinctly remember informing all of our inhabitants of my intentions. There was a pile of textiles in the "laundry room" (Sebastian's kitchen) that had not moved for months and enough was enough in my mind. "Hey guys," I announced, "does anybody need any of those sheets up there (in the "laundry room")?" "Nope" was the resounding answer. "Okay, well if there's anything important, make sure you get it out of there before I start ripping things to shreds..." "Ja, ja, okay, no problem." This was my first creation (knew nothing about darts really, look how far things have progressed!). After its completion, I sported it proudly to the weekly Sunday flea-market excursion. Upon roommate assembly in the courtyard, Max froze and stared. There could be only one explanation. Me: "Oh no, don't tell me this is something you needed." Max: "'s...just strange to see my childhood bedding as a dress." Sigh.


Claire in Tuba-Town said...

Maybe I do like dresses too. What of it?

matthias said...

So Claire has black hair now huh? Voyeuristic indeed, btw, I really want to see this bowl cut on Leonard, and then, can we please make a threesome picture in one with me you and him making a bowl cut manifesto!

Just remembered the photoshoot of the unitard in Gabelsberg and our little journey to the sp├Ątkauf in between...

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