Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Long Live the Three-Pack

At my esteemed German visitor's suggestion, we had a rather intimate tie-dye party in the backyard this summer. He was primarily inspired by a detailed chapter on tie-dyeing in a sixties craft book; one of the many I continue to collect (against my better judgment and desire to own a minimal amount of heavy things). Welp, our party was small but quite focused and our results were rather magnificent in my opinion. Everyone came up with at least one thing they would treasure in the future. Here is my "great success."


matthias said...

I´m actually wearing one of the treasures right now, a blue one love ;)

Anonymous said...

oh-oh it's MAGIC! ...you knnnnow (sorry, that's in my head). um, LOVE THIS PARTY! what more could you need in life: tender veggie-chx burgers, white wine, goo-brownies, and dye dye dye. thanks again for having us and i hope to do another party of similar nature in the fut(ure). love ya!

Caitlin said...

Gosh that was a good time wasn't it...every color of dye you could ever want. Based on tie-dyeing experiences of the past, my expectations were rather low for our finished products but DERNITT if I wasn't impressed! I sure enjoy parties involving activities. Yes. Let's have more!

matthias said...
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matthias said...

Another great idea for a party involving activities:

party it up!

...call me if that becomes part of your party plans!

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