Thursday, November 20, 2008


You thought I'd left you, didn't you? No such luck. I've simply been lurking about in the basement, hunched over my drafting table, or stuck in horror novels behind closed doors (and covered in blankets). I raced through "Heart-Shaped Box" by Joe Hill in a matter of two days, a thoroughly satisfying quick read about an aging death-metal rocker who purchases a ghost through the internet and things begin to go awry. Following completion of the book, this little number came to be. Rather appropriate timing in my opinion. The victory dress gone goth...the collar, skirt and bias binding are made from my old college curtains, the bodice crafted from a T-shirt dug out of the bins. I must admit, I am rather proud of this collar, having drafted it myself (with the assistance of my sixties/seventies craft and sewing books) and look forward to further adventures in dressmaking details...

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colleen k.d. said...


I love this one, at first I thought it was "victory dress" but now I see you ALSO made that one!

I hope you are well. I had some good fortune... the police sent us a letter in the mail and apparently the robbers didn't love my glasses as much as I do, so they threw them out!!!! (Along with my awesome leather bag and some dresses) Me so happy.

How is home, how is shola? Tell her to write me. I need blog help. Can you two instruct me?

Thanks as usual Teach.


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