Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Vote!

Sure, it's been a little while...but does this make up for it? At the suggestion of an organized and responsible friend, several of us donated a couple hours of our Hallow's Eve to reminding the good folks of the greater Portland area to vote their hearts out. Not like they needed it too badly. About two thirds of our respondents cited "mission accomplished." The volunteers were all in costume, including our fifteen-year-old group leader in a homemade bacon getup. The neighborhood we were assigned to canvas was just north of my new abode and many a household was decorated in dedicated Halloween spirit. Lucky for my door-knocking partner and I, everyone we encountered was friendly and/or amused. I was surprised at how many people offered us candy! As we reminded them to fill out their whole ballots and distributed literature about drop spots, little boxes of Nerds, lollipops, and full size candy bars were dropped into our complimentary tote bags. When I was a kid doing actual trick or treating, full-sized candy bars were the stuff of legend. Trick or voting gifted me no less than three. Anyway, we had a blast. By the way, I bet you know exactly what I am. Don't try too hard. What did you say? Yes! That's it! I am a...
"White girl! Yeah, you. White girl. Whatchyoo s'posed to be?"
"I'm a mummy rabbit."
"Huh. I like your costume."
Don't forget to cast your ballots!

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