Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 9th 2008, Just Another Day

So I've been sickety sick sick sick this weekend. Good old lying in bed fever/ache and other less favorable symptom sick. And I have to be honest, xmas kind of gets me down. Plus, we are cleaning out the entire dusty basement this week for a party and my roommates had successfully NOT done their dishes until every single bowl and silverware element was molding on the counter, interspersed with nasty lunch tupperwares and gooey plastic bags that we are apparently going to wash and save. I then found out I had two LESS days to cough up some cash to pad my bank account for the next student loan withdrawl. Shortly following, I discovered that my German bank card is too scratched for me to tap my Euros and I forgot my pin number for the card that works.

There is a scene in My Own Private Idaho when after a whole series of trials and tribulations, River Phoenix is being asked by an Italian man to rip his jacket and shirt off in a hotel room. As he starts to do it, he becomes so overwhelmingly fed up with everything he begins flailing about, stomping, squealing, jumping, and eventually does a sort of backwards swan dive onto the hotel bed, falling immediately into a fit of epileptic narcolepsy. All day I have been doing this scene in my brain; watching him but pretending it's me. For about 50 percent aforementioned reasons and the rest indecipherable harbingers of doom and frustration.

Also: I did not make this dress, it was my grandma's. I just hemmed it.


matthias said...

Thanks so much, you made my (grey, just recovered from beeing sick sick sick) day! <3

einar said...

Jessica was clearly so honored to be at the top of your blogroll that she devoted a graph to your dish-washing woes :)

anyway, I hope things are looking up by now. the dress is cute, challenging Bear, Aztec and Roses for the title..

Caitlin said...

Haha, trued dat. Good timing. As it goes, we had a "roommate meeting" last week in which we did utility bills and expressed our various concerns. Fortunately we managed to hash out a sort of loose cleanliness plan that satisfied a range of needs and generated some enthusiasm for washing dishes. The counter has been relatively clean ever since, woot!

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