Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Single Ladies!

Oh goodness, has anyone else seen this video? Girl just KILLS it! It's Amazing, with a capital A. I think the beauty is that it's so simple, it's all about her energy. Plus, I love the old school jazz touches like chasses and single pirouettes performed in high heels. You work it in your post apocalyptic tuxedo leotard with a robot hand Beyonce, you work it.


matthias said...

Heres a link in high quality (you have to click on "watch in high quality" still)

Put a ring on it

and, I don´t think that much of rings...

Uwe La Rog said...

OMG! This dance was originally choreographed by Bob Fosse for a song called Mexican Breakfast. Bob Fosse so totally rules forever- have you seen the original? I die every time I see these women:
Then, and I'm sure you've seen this, but here's the Walk It Out remix!!!

Caitlin said...

Ha! I knew deep down that Fosse's jazzy little hands were involved in this somehow...the part before they jump off the invisible stairs is what tipped me off but I didn't follow that lead because I was so mesmerized by the gyrating in leotards and catchy beat. Thanks for filling in that missing piece! Gwen Verdon rocks.

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