Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello, again.

Alright, so I can imagine you're thinking "What is this supposed to be? Just a little collection of the greatest YouTube videos ever? Where are the dresses?" Or maybe you love videos far more than dresses and you're not thinking that. Anyway, the truth is that my faithful partner of over 12 years, who accompanied me twice to Germany and back and saw me through both high school and university, finally crapped out. Yes, my mother's Necchi sewing machine. After some high pitched squealing and grinding of gears the needle slowly came to a halt in the middle of my ninth of fourteen half-finished dance costumes approximately 24 hours before their due date. So I sucked it up (and so did Shola, by letting me borrow her machine and her cheap labor to finish the costumes, gracias!) and started shopping for a new one. My dress production understandably dropped off during this time period...but I pleased to announce my induction into the realm of American adults. I have purchased a home appliance on credit. So you can imagine my joy when I completed this little red number as the pilgrim project! Until my digital camera gasped its last breath trying to photograph it...

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