Thursday, July 9, 2009

Confused and Amused in Santa Cruz

Dear Everyone,

WWOOFing is great. The farm is rather formal, but if I aspire to live in a room like that turret one day I must toil on. I have quite a bit to learn about double turning soil, nitrogen, and shepherdessing. Although at first glance they look a bit old-fashioned or stuck up, these guys are my friends. They know a lot about life and really let loose after a couple of elderberry cordials, so don't judge.



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colleen k.d. said...

WHAT?? You are wooffing in Santa Cruz and drinking elderberry cordiaL? (I just recently discovered the floral syrup myself, and am not sure how I feel about drinking flowers). Are you eating the fruits of the land?
Have fun, and know that I LOVE YOU.

Bleet bleet (like a sheep) I am out.

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