Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lost in San Francisco...

...dodging piles of trash. This show is now on the road yo! Traveling with me is my recently completed retro onesie. A while ago I acquired a large quantity of Laura Ashley fabric from a wonderful friend (thanks Carin!) and this is my first garment utilizing it. It's also the first time I've made this pattern I created using a vintage romper from my collection as a guide...needs a few tweaks but was otherwise a success!

After celebrating Grandpa's 80th birthday in Ashland, my aunt and uncle were so kind as to tote me southward in their hybrid SUV. They deposited me gently in Berkeley, CA where I glided swiftly over the bay on BART to the glowing pastel concrete maze of San Francisco. Well, it wasn't exactly glowing when I arrived. Night had fallen, so my friend and hostess Ali graciously swooped me up at her station. I had been just been joking that given her neighborhood, the night would probably end in burritos, tequila shots and homeless weirdies. I wasn't too far off. Enchiladas, IPA's and a man bleeding in the street with the police screeching to the scene were the actual events (although reverse that order if its chronological accuracy you're after). Either way, things were kicked off to a jolly good San Francisco start.


colleen k.d. said...

i am GAGA for the onesie!!!! its funny, when i first saw that fabric (ages ago) i wasn't to excited, but you've made it into a yummy, sexy hot pants thing. you are the ying to its yang.

have fun on the road. send me a postcard

28 lerwick tce
wellington 6023
n z

Caitlin said...

Thanks girl! Maybe a little surprise will arrive in your mailbox someday soon...

Mike of Minnesota said...

I bumped into your friend Mariel last June in Batey Tres (about 40 miles from the Haitian border). She and some of her students were stopping cars and trucks to raise monies for her work in her community. She doing well and excited about her work.
Short-term missionary to Batey Tres

Caitlin said...

Hi Mike! Wow, what a cool coincidence, thanks for sharing. Mariel is a lovely person. I first bumped into her during our study abroad in Germany and I'm glad I did! Hopefully you enjoyed your time in the DR as much as she seems to.

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