Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday = Skull smashin' man fashion

As I have recently been coaxed into some doing some man shopping before jumping the Atlantic (euro/dollar exchange rate, expensive Levis in Europe yadda yadda), I luckily stumbled across this shop. It's pretty much exactly how New York SHOULD look and all hot skinny androgynous men should be dressing. Euro or no. Oh, AND they have excellent lady selections as well. It's pretty much just like the man fashion but with spike heels and some dresses thrown in. As it should be, as it should be...Images all from


LAUREN O said...

living within walking distance to Oak... potentially very very dangerous. therefore, i live a very very potentially dangerous life.

you're going to amsterdam?! anywhere else? i'm quite envious. will you be seeing any of our academic cohorts?

Caitlin said...

Dangerous it is, what a temptation. I AM going to A-dam! Needed some more Matthias/Europe in my life and Icelandair had the right price at the beginning of the year...I certainly hope I will be cavorting with our fellow graduates. They are aware of my intentions, however plans have not yet been made. I will potentially visit Spain as well (more academic collaboration), but I just had a dream last night that I showed up there and wondered why the hell I had done that. So we'll see :)

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