Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maniacs a'Many

Often I am too caught up in my own brain full of ragged doll dresses to really care too much beyond a fleeting curiosity about all the other kinds of fashion action going on. Sure, I browse images in the net, check out what's up, take the pulse of the world. But it's not frequent that something from fashion week really strikes me as noteworthy. This, however, stopped me in my tracks. I caught wind of it through a blog I follow; the Neverending Story. First I was disgusted/fascinated/couldn't look away. Then I fell in love. Which was a good sign (falling in love and then becoming disgusted is the wrong way around). It's Meadham Kirchoff's Spring Summer collection 2011 and it's glorious. Kudos, gentlemen.

P.S. to M.K.: Did you also go to junior high in Oregon during the 90's, instilling a subconscious filled with sharpie adorned converse, old man sweaters and kool-aid hair? Did English/French people do this too? Just wondering.

photos via and Dazed Digital

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