Friday, October 22, 2010


They might just now be joining the eco-fashion parade, but one thing Dutch people have been doing well for pretty much all of existence is sweets. They have nearly an entire aisle dedicated to cookies, mini cakes, goodies, licorice and pastries in even the smallest supermarkets. One of the more notable, are stroopwaffel (not pictured). They are rather delicious thin waffle cookie sandwiches with caramel cream in the middle. I can't eat them anymore. I had a bad day during my earlier visit in May where I got a bit lost and for some reason only felt confident enough to buy a package of stroopwaffel to quell my hunger and ended up eating the whole thing, nearly barfing in the overheated tram I finally found and boarded home. Thus, I've moved on to other delicacies such as marshmallows (usually strictly forbidden by a health-conscious Matthias, although he brought these home. Possibly he pitied my occasional homesickness by indulging me in something "Amercian") and DONUTS. Yes. Look at these beautiful creations! They are like picture perfect 90's donuts from the Simpsons! How can that even be a thing? I don't know, but can't you see it? PERFECT DONUTS! They are even flavored differently. The yellow one tastes like banana! The pink one tastes like strawberry! Yep. And these are just your standard grocery store donuts. Dutch people, I applaud you here.

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