Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Four eyes

So my roommate Kristin works for a tile company, the owner of which also has an eyewear company, Amy Sacks. Of course, right? Kristin, however, was apparently given the task of photographing a bunch of glasses though and had the genius idea of inviting friends and acquaintances and pets to model in exchange for some frames (and snacks...) This building in SW also houses the tile company below and the eyewear/makeup ladies were given access to the second floor for the photos! Hannah and I got on board (hope I got you some good ones Colleen!) with plenty of time to get our ping pong on.


AmySacksEyewear said...

Love the photos. The pictures of you turned out great! Especially the "cousin it" poses ;)

~ Hannah ~ said...

I can't wait to see everyone's photos- that was a really good time. And I'm wearing my glasses already, even though they don't have prescription lenses yet!

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