Monday, March 28, 2011

Musical Monday #12: PJ Harvey

I've been a PJ Harvey fan for a while. Uh Huh Her was one of the last actual CDs I bought back in 2004. I never really got into White Chalk, but her new album Let England Shake (aside from being generally quite good) includes one particular number that somehow made its way into my brain. "Last Living Rose" has this element of resigned European dignity mixed with the dark, self-deprecating humor I usually expect only from Germans. I guess it comes from the ability to romanticize shabbiness by idealizing former prowess and glory. Or taking ownership of both the delightful and the disgusting in one succinct anthem. The satisfaction comes in belonging to both. Anyway, I thought I'd pass it on. (The actual videos I found were kind of off the mark in terms of how I envision this song. It seems far more ironic and melancholy. Just listen.)

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