Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best of Four

I recently put together a four-piece mini collection for a cute/crazy DIY boutique in Iowa City, The White Rabbit Gallery. This little number was by far my favorite! I originally constructed some absolutely perfect puff sleeves which drooped like soggy cornflakes when I finally got them attached. A bit downtrodden at my fabric structure oversight, I figured I'd better call it a night; I turned out the lights at my workstation and went upstairs to bed. Halfway there the solution occurred to me. About-face back down to the dress and I slashed them up, painstakingly pressed bias binding and all, and transformed the carnage into a lovely deconstructed ruffle collar. Yay! The wonderful thing is that it would not have been nearly as cool if I had just done this from the start. As soon as I stopped moving on autopilot and started listening to what the dress wanted, it grew some claws and instead of just existing, it became fierce! I am now tempted to start destroying little sections of my more pristine dresses to give them some teeth...If you happen to be in Iowa City, stop by at 109 South Linn Street, 52240 and this little beauty could be yours...:)

1 comment:

shola said...

OoooooOooo.. i (shola) likey!! i name it "bumble-de-blow-job" i'd still like to see that lacey number you were working on recently! ooOoooOo!!

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