Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cutest kids...ever?

Since I'm approaching the 1.5 year mark here in Portland, I've had the opportunity to be a "Career Day" presenter at my mother's elementary school twice now. Last time I taught them about being a dancer, this time about fashion design. Basically the gym is set up with tables all around the walls, behind which stand a plethora of parents, relatives and other volunteers ready and willing to explain our careers to children in 2-4 minute bursts of excitement. For three hours. It's actually kind of awesome, you have no idea which kid is saving what info and how well they were listening...until you get the thank you cards afterward. They are required to pick their favorite presenter and thank them in written format. These artistic tokens of gratitude are collected in one large manila envelope and delivered to the presenter. I have to say, the ones thanking me for dance information were pretty cool, but fashion design? Apparently this really resonates with kids...or maybe the evidence was more tangible since I brought several dresses with me...but they were INTO this one! I got all kinds of drawings of their own imagined fashion lines and PARAGRAPHS about their dreams and aspirations! I think I even got an order for a birthday dress, but they forgot to include their last name and desired method of payment :) Either way, they wanted a blue dress. Above are a few stellar examples, enjoy.

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