Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear Far Away Friends,

Yesterday I had a day when I missed you. All of you. I think it had something to do with preparing my lessons about Germany for this morning's junior high classes. But I thought about nice memories and time spent with each of you and how sometimes sad it is that I live here now and you're in California, North Carolina, the Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Amsterdam, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Spain and who knows where else.

I guess Hannah's wedding had me thinking about this subject as well. Celebrating a major life event for someone with friends and family from far off places got me contemplating who I would invite to such a thing were it my celebration and where they'd have to travel from. So what I am saying is, invite me to your weddings dummies. Haha. (I can make the dress too...Hannah's turned out pretty dope. Although, I must admit I failed miserably in the photography department. I was just too burnt out by the time the actual event rolled around and wanted to concentrate on simply enjoying myself and celebrating the newlyweds. That's why a wedding photographer is hired, right? Anyway, I promise there will be more photos soon. For now you'll have to deal with the dress I made for myself to wear.)



matthias said...

Ok, so I had this moment (right now) when I was missing you all and how I am here right now and everyone I ever cared about is somewhere else scattered all over the world... That made me have a look what the girl in Portland might be up to these days. I have first seen the peach dress, and you and before I could read the text I thought, "damn, I should have married her"
Well then of course you write about the wedding and how you thought about your friends from all over the world and of course your own wedding. Haha!
How could it have been any different?
So that made my evening big time, I feel much better already and am very glad that you exist, (and shola and Leonard and Trevor and Konrad and your brother and Oregon and Berlin, thank you, and I especially want to thank my mum! Haha, but I guess I straggle a little bit...)
Soo, thanks for sharing, enjoy any wedding you attend, especially if its your own, Gruesse aus Amsterdam, sincerely, Matthias Felix Tillmann.

Ryan Wilkinson said...

Oh my god it's Caitlin McCall! She lives!

This is Ryan Wilkinson (think elementary school)....

I saw a picture of you and I from 2nd grade the other day and thought of you.

What are you up to? I think the last time I saw you was at your high school graduation.


Caitlin said...

Ach Matthias, wir sind immer noch irgendwie auf dem selben Frequenz. Haha, Ich habe vergessen dass du neue Menschen um dich herum hast. Vonwegen Heiraten, mal gucken wie das aussieht wenn du mit dem Studium fertig bist :)

Caitlin said...

Ryan! How appropriate.

I'm teaching dance and German, dancing, and sewing pinup girl dresses for my online shop! Hahaha.

What are you doing these days?

Ryan Wilkinson said...

Caitlin -

Sorry for the delayed response. I didn't realize--Somehow I missed your response until now.

I have a wife and two daughters, 7 & 2. I'm living in Hillsboro (still...), working full time at a law firm, and attending night school at Lewis & Clark Law School.

I couldn't quite tell--Are you living in Portland?

If you give me your e-mail address, I can send you that 2nd grade picture. I would post it, but when the picture was developed I drew a giant, cheesy red heart around you (2nd graders...) and naturally don't feel like cementing the picture into cyberspace. =>


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