Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sneak preview

Betcha all wonder what I've been doing eh? Eh? Eh? (I continue, assuming your answer is yes...) Teaching German to children? Nope, not yet. Traipsing around in the "good" weather? Not a chance. Pulling one pallid basement all-nighter after the other to give birth to a vampire goddess of the woods wedding dress for a six foot blushing bride? YES. Okay, so the all-nighters are actually just the icing on the cake...Shola and I have been planning this doozy for months. After weeks of fabric store visits (I feel like the ladies at Mill End are now friends, they recognize me, I give them progress updates and we talk silk georgette and taffeta), days of decision making, and hours of draping, onion dying, gathering and topstitching it's finally real! Here's a little teaser in Kelty's gorgeous graphic world...more photos coming after Hannah actually ties the knot in full regalia this weekend :)


colleen k.d. said...


wow wow wow.

to the whole thing. the whole shi-bang. to her and him, the dress and you and sholes, this graphic sister and all...

i have been watching all your progress and biting my nails, waiting for a glimpse. THANK YOU.

please send me a personal email about the wedding of the year, including photos and an update into your world. how challenging was it to design a WEDDING dRESS??? !!!!

much love caitlin.

Nadia said...

YES YES YES! The dress was truly AMAZE & a sight to see... all of Kel's cd covers rocked my socks off. lovely.


Caitlin said...

Colleen! Yes, I will send you an email with all the gory details certainly was quite a task and I think I was about twice as stressed about it as Hannah ever seemed to be! Hahaha, she was amazing. Cool as a cucumber. I'll see what I can do to procure some good pics from Kelty or Shola.

Nadia! I didn't think it was possible to make Hannah even prettier with makeup, but you somehow managed. She looked like a bejeweled, armored, queen of silk and dahlias. Boom!

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