Friday, September 18, 2009

The beautiful blushing newlyweds...

With glowing alabaster skin in the afternoon sun. Yup, that's the dress! (Photo courtesy of Steep Street) This lady is swathed in double digit yardage of onion dyed silk georgette (Shola and I spent many hours and onions determining just the right shade!) and a green silk taffeta bodice akin to armor. It's funny because towards the end of the design/construction process when my all-nighters began, I almost had separation anxiety related to the dress! During the last few days before the wedding I was scared to leave it downstairs on my sewing table. Although I'm not sure what could have happened to it down there, I found myself lingering...staring...what if....NO! Go to bed! The dress will be fine! I guess after 50+ hours you start to worry that something will go wrong and a flaming comet will come crashing through the ceiling aimed directly at this unsuspecting obessively detailed silk concoction, ending in obliteration.

Hannah on the other hand, was cool as a cucumber. We were thrilled beyond belief that she was such an easygoing bride open to many an non-traditional idea (and in fact instigated many of them!) It took a while to find the right colors, considering she loves them ALL. But as we sampled fabric after fabric, the dark olive/pale yellow combo stepped bravely to the forefront. With her punchy dahlias, lime moss and multicolored gems she looked phenomenal, especially with silver suited, purple shirted Alex at her side.

Thanks again to Shola for spending your precious free time bravely wading through the murky waters with me (despite having a "regular 40 hour a week" job), taking it one decision at a time from "it could be anything!" all the way to "olive silk taffeta extra constructed high waisted strapless bodice with green topstiching and pale yellow onion dyed silk georgette flowing two layered skirt with short train and godet." HAHAHA! We did it.

P.S. I'd do it again :)

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The Blushing Bride said...

The blushing bride wishes to add how much she appreciates said riot siren fairy's separation anxieties, late nights, onion toiling, brilliant notions, needle-pricked fingers, flexible strategies and oh so much more. I just picture what that day and those photos could have been (me standing with my hair and makeup all done, behjeweled, wearing plaid pajama pants and a droopy tank top) and I can't help but squeal with glee that you are you and that I know you. Cheers to Riot Siren and her genius!

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