Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shield your eyes, children.

As Halloween rapidly approaches, you can imagine who friends and foes alike are turning to for their zany custom ideas and alterations. Sexy gladiator princess dress needs to be sexier? Jean-Luc Picard uniform a little baggy in the armpits? Sure. I'll fix it.

So, my brother calls me up and says "Hey, I just found a giant stuffed bear at the second hand and I want to wear it for my Halloween costume. Can you help me?" Uhhhh, sure. Here's how far along we are at this current point in time...


Hello Vodka, It's me...Kassy said...

that is awesome.

Terresa said...

Excellent idea, using oversized stuffed animals for Halloween costumes!

Ps: I'm here visiting via (have a cute day) blog. Love your seamstress skillz.

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