Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sure, sure, but it's not like I'm going to give up.

My humble apologies dear readers (or shall I refer to you henceforth as viewers?) Certainly this post will differentiate. My computer has been rather ill as of late, and I finally sucked it up and made an online appointment with the Genius Bar. Following three hours of surgery, my MacBook Pro emerged with a severe case of amnesia. Everything on my hard drive, BYE BYE! But you know what my attitude was about that? Let me sum it up for you by replaying the conversation between myself and a friendly Apple store employee:

"Welp, we might have to try wiping it clean. Is there anything you need on there?"

Anyway, a peripheral result of this ordeal was that I realized I can no longer rely on my good looks and uncanny intuition regarding bedsheet redesign to entertain you. So I started writing.

1 comment:

colleen k.d. said...


that sucks, but your are fucking hilarious.

look forward to more thoughts from you.

p.s. please post a photo of you WINTERHAWK dancing

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