Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last days

Ladies wine tasting, hay!

New hair, thanks Jaimee!

Trying to feed Kristofer enough...Vincent style eggplant puttanesca with veggies from our garden!

Minions busy in the dungeon, Rosebud costumes underway...

Brunch with Josh's buddies who came down from Seattle for the Panda Bear show.

Final moments with my fur covered bff.

Brother with his new Swedish bff. We sent Kristofer out to join the bachelor party and sip from the boot so Shola and I could slave away over more sequined dresses in peace.

photos by brother and Kristofer

Today marks the one month anniversary of arrival in Amsterdam! So here's a little glimpse at the final moments in Portland. Kristofer was visiting during my last week, as his motorcycle tour of the states put him in Portland immediately prior to Eurodeparture. He managed to make himself useful though by slaving in the sewing lab and showing solidarity on late nights. Brother also should be acknowledged for generously chauffeuring our wine tasting adventure. Thanks guys!

1 comment:

shola said...

i burned my grilled cheese sandwich yesterday like a total dummy only this time i wasn't talking to anyone(/you)... i was all alone. i miss you!!

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