Thursday, October 14, 2010


Did you guys know about this stuff? I didn't until I arrived in this country! We tried to make it several Fridays ago, but more recently I was treated to the real thing by Matthias one lucky afternoon. It's a Surinamese dish, popular here because Suriname is a former Dutch colony and something silly like 1/3 of their population emigrated to the Netherlands prior to independence in 1975. Anyway, they brought some tricks with them because this stuff is real good. It's a bunch of veggies like green beans, peppers, some seitan or tofu type thing (Matthias is a vegetarian), potatoes and...a deep fried egg. It's kind of spicy and you eat it by scooping up veggies with the soft pancakes on the side. I love it. Matthias had gotten the tip for a really good Roti joint from his psychology prof (who is of partial Surinamese descent) and picked up two full portions on his way home from class. Turns out, one is enough to share and stuff us both! So we had Roti for brunch...and dinner. It's that good.


carol said...

Caitlin, come to Boston!! We got the best West Indian roti eveeeeer. Hope all's well. Watchu readin these days? xoxo

Caitlin said...

Carol! I had no idea Boston was a Roti hotspot! How is everything going? I just finished reading "Midnight" a trashy tech-thriller by Dean R. Koontz. Now I'm onto "A Dirty Job" by Christopher Moore. Just trying to keep myself entertained over here...nothing too deep :) What are you reading?

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