Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Intergalactic you and meeee...

Introducing: Space Traveler from another galaxy! This guy's quilts are totally off the hook, I mean, you see them here. Words cannot describe the dude quilting genius that spawned them. I was lucky enough to run into a video of the maker one night trolling through Etsy. Jimmy McBride. Many of you already know how deeply I appreciate unexpected contrasts. Well, meticulously mapped nebula-inspired space quilts hand sewn by a man certainly hits that one on the nose. Please check out more of his work at or his Etsy shop at Thank you.


alexis said...

yesss! you have to check out another completely amazing young male quilter:
seriously unbelievable as well. i've been to his home and he really does have that huge self-portrait quilt of himself on his bed. like whoa.

Caitlin said...

Hay! Thanks for that link lady, gotta love a guy who makes quilts of himself and hamburgers...or any guy who makes quilts for that matter, right? High five for dude craft.

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