Thursday, January 20, 2011

Puddles won't stop us. They'll just...delay us, slightly.

This past weekend to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, my mother invited my brother, his girlfriend and me to the beach. There was significant flooding on highway 101 just south of Seaside but we figured we'd just go for it anyway. Turns out, the highway was closed to low profile vehicles there (i.e. my mom's WRX). Alone, I probably would have convinced myself that there were things I really wanted to do back at home and turned around. My mom, however, had reserved the penthouse for a sweet deal on her vacation points plan and was not about to let some swollen rivers stop us. My brother was also of this persuasion. So we drove an extra hour and half all the way around the big puddle on highway 202 to Astoria and then down 101 to Seaside. On the upside, we saw two herds of elk before it got dark and my brother was ultra motivated. On the downside, the puddle was seriously, 2 miles south of our destination and was clear the next day so we discovered JUST how close we'd been before nearly tripling the travel time. Anyway, we made it to the penthouse. The fireplace didn't work because it was too windy and the window dripped, but it had a bedroom AND bathroom for each of us plus a really nice view. I also got a Yahtzee. My mom and brother+girlfriend spend their whole morning earning $100 visa gift cards by withstanding a time share sales pitch geared at citizens who earn over $60,000 a year. I decided I would spend my morning taking photos for free.

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shola said...

this reminds me of when uwe and i were kids our mom was too afraid to drive on the highway (i don't know) so she would take the back route every where we WENT! i was so mad each sunday morn when she'd wake us up for church an hour early to ensure extra drive time for her irrational fear ...i can't imagine what she'd do with a huge puddle.

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