Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Dresses

Oh hay! Whatup everybody. Welcome to 2011. This year there are bold prints, minimalistic shapes and some fantastically faded party dresses coming from idea to reality. Riot Siren is sticking with retro silhouettes + futuristic details and as always, keeping it handmade. As much as possible, fabric and notions are vintage, second hand, or salvaged.

Thank you again to all my wonderful friends and family who have supported my dirty doll dress endeavor in 2010 (and before) by sewing into the wee hours, organizing sales, baking cupcakes, posing like maniacs for photos, treating me to dinners I would never be able to afford and rocking your custom-made dresses with pride. I am so excited to go full steam ahead in 2011!


Kelty said...

Yeah, um, I don't see that blue, puffed sleeve one with roses in the shop... PLEASE say it's my size. Please.

Caitlin said...

I'll see if Han can get in there :)

shola said...

no, i want that one!!!

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