Sunday, April 25, 2010

Roommate dinner!

Katie is finally moving to Alaska, I'm headed to A-dam for a jaunt and Josh is off to tour a few fine states sharing his melancholy dance pop with the chosen ones! So I decided it was high time we all sat down together and celebrated. I made meatless Swedish meatballs and enforced a semi-formal dress code (although I didn't have to do much enforcing, everyone totally stepped up! Yesss.) In keeping with our elderly outfits, we moved on to some intense Yahtzee hoping Katie would finally roll one...

She did, her first EVER.

And another, same round. This infuriated/excited Josh because his primary strategy is just, roll a Yahtzee. He will cross off his chance if he has to, as long as the possibility that a Yahtzee can pop up remains...

And it finally did. But I think Katie still won :)

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roommate management said...

Roommates always become friends and this very behavior tends to cement into their relationship. Liked the post so much.

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