Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 12th is Bunny Day!!!

WE ARE GETTING A BUNNY!!! A house bunny. Hahaha. My roommate Josh has a buddy with a soft, docile, floppy-eared grey bunny and his dog has trouble getting along with it. He was going to give it to the Humane Society (the bunny), so Josh just asked if we could have it instead. When he announced the possibility, I couldn't believe it. I have been secretly researching bunnies for months now, but didn't want to get one as MY personal pet because I have a habit of impulsive international relocations. Josh has been wanting a pet forever too, and now that he is in and the other roommates agreed with varying degrees of excitement (Josh and I=delirious, cannot WAIT, Katie=happy, clapping hands together, Vincent=ambivalent but accepting, he will have to do some work closing off areas where bunny will want to hide, will probably be secretly obsessed and too cool to show it once bunny arrives). This means I get to help care for a fuzzy pet, AND don't have to take full responsibility! YAYYY! Sometimes having roommates really is the best.

By the way, Shola sent this photo to me quite a while ago since she is often privy to my secret pet research. How did you find this? The girl not only looks JUST like I did in college (truly, right down to the tan, tangled dark blonde hair, fetal position, EVERYTHING) she's wearing exactly what I wear to nap in. Me and the bunny were meant to be.


shola said...

seriously, it is you caitlin. someone must have superimposed a bunny in there!! ...and Y-E-S!! do you get to name it?! where will it sleep? can you walk it on a leash(/janky cell phone charging cord)?! can i have your humane society gift certificate?! i think reva hates me. i caught her TWICE now lips sealed to the pour spout of my boxed wine in what looked like a genuine attempt to get a taste of the good life... and once with her head in plastic bag eating my left-over burrito from taco del mar.

Caitlin said...

Or...maybe that bunny was there all along, I just never noticed. Josh's girlfriend is giving us an autumn themed harness she wanted to walk her cat with and failed! We do get to name it, because none of us have any idea of what it's called. It will have a crate/home area in the kitchen. Yes, you can have the gift certificate. Do you need a friend for Reva? Is your cat lady status beginning? What was Reva THINKING? She is not nearly old enough to drink. The burrito thing I can understand though...

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