Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May 7th: Einar is coming today, we have to meet him at the train station!

Einar is my former roommate from Cal Poly. A little over four years ago, Jeannette, my other former roommate and I were interviewing for a vacancy and wanted to keep the place 100 percent lady for walking around naked and other various purposes. But out of the three candidates, softspoken blazer and t-shirt wearing guitar playing computer programming Swedish exchange student Einar was the obvious choice. So we made an exception, but were still worried we would no longer be able to chill out comfortably/non-awkwardly in our underwear. The very next day he had his room sparkling clean and was at the computer in his boxers. We knew immediately we had a winner.

Speeding up to the present, I knew Einar was flying in from Madrid on this day. We all knew it. We talked about what he would be wearing and what type of luggage he would have. Konrad thought maybe he had checked something, but I pointed out he would only be in Amsterdam for three nights. I thought just a slick rolling carry-on. Matthias thought stylish manpurse. We waited with bated breath as he stepped off the train...Matthias was right.

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