Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{Sasquatch Interlude}

Apologies for my abrupt curtailment of the Netherlands: Day by Day, but I absolutely must acknowledge the Sassy times had over Memorial Day Weekend. Can you say "SASQUATCH!"? Otherwise known as the P-N-Dub's most gloriously scenic wind-powered carbon-neutral music festival at the Gorge. There are many an amusing anecdote I might share, but I will simply start by summing up the experience in nine photos from which you may draw your own conclusions.

Also, my top five performances in descending order:
#1 the XX
#2 Dirty Projectors
#3 Vampire Weekend
#4 Tune-Yards
#5 Kid Cudi


Emily Dart-McLean said...

Seriously Caitlin, can I have a poster sized photo of you carrying the elephant ear? It would most likely make my life complete!

matthias said...

I was wondering what that was...

Caitlin said...

Oh Emily, the more I get to know you, the better I understand why you and Shola get along so well :)

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