Monday, June 7, 2010

Musical Monday #3: First Aid Kit

I...can'! They have their claws in me, there's something about them. Their voices really are that excellently brutal; I saw them Friday night at Mississippi Studios. Get behind it.


einar said...

a bit on the folky side for my taste, but I remember really enjoying their performance at Way Out West last year, right before Peter Broderick - the highlight of the festival!

Rachel Wrong said...

I am into it. Thanks again.

carol said...

Whoa. Behold the power of social media!! So I'd heard some of their stuff and was into their sound. Your blog post further spurred me to look into them. Now I'm going to their show this Monday in Boston... I shot out an email to some friends with a link to your blog and somehow, have 5 or so people coming along. They owe you some serious commission, girl. But, as their myspace says-- we aim for the hearts, not for charts! <3

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