Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Socks

I found this website on Neet's blog and experienced a strange sort of recognition while browsing through. I entered to check out the hemp/recycled yarn socks (lower right) but stayed for the bright colors and awesome patterns. The "wait a second, something seems familiar here" feeling was explained when I hit the "about" page. Guess where this company is from. Just GUESS. Hahaha, why? Why do you always tantalize me with your offbeat but not TOO kooky or calculated style, Sweden? Even in SOCKS? They really do have nothing better to do besides think of nice things to make in quality, sustainable ways using perfect proportion and color harmony. How am I supposed to keep up with these people?


einar said...

I like them, but I have never found any I like enough to buy :/

Caitlin said...

See? And these are the kind of dilemmas you guys face :)

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