Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Musical Monday #8: Starfucker

I read about Into the Woods a while ago, before I went to Amsterdam, I think. Although my interest was piqued (sans serif pseudo scandophilia with NW flavor, how to resist?), I thought it was just a video of Wampire in a mountain cabin. Turns out, this ragtag mob of PDX music documenting goons has been up to stuff! Also turns out they're not only prolific, they're good videographers. I could, and have already spent a considerable amount of time on the website watching videos (partly because some of the videos take so goddamn long to load). And look who I found! These familiar sounds were the soundtrack of my at-home existence for nearly two years...

It's important to have a place to belong, or at least feel like you do. It doesn't have to be the ultimate anything. It just has to feel like home. Thank you Vince and Josh, for making me feel welcome (back). And thanks Into the Woods, for keeping tabs and making our town look cool.


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