Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ladies night

Johanna lives in a great house full of ladies in SE! They invited even more ladies over for valentine crafting, snacks and wine this past weekend, which is how I got to see the inside. I also got to help her put the chickens away (apparently all three of them like the roost area so much that they just stay there until they're freezing so they have to be individually put into the coop each night. Hahaha) The other highlights were: eating the most delicious cupcake of my life, folding fifty paper cranes with recently married Monica for her reception (only 950 to go, right?) and watching all of these maniacs craft meticulous mementos for their loved ones. Hope you boys appreciated those.


j.r. lindsey said...

Best blog post ever! Thanks for coming over :)

Caitlin said...

Material's all yours, yo. Thanks for hosting us.

shola said...

what a fun evening! thanks for posting these cait :)

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